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comprehensive professional development
PLANNING and delivery

Our purpose is to ensure professionals are fully prepared to enhance the lives of those with whom they share the world, at work, at home, in communities.

Our approach is to handle all trainings with care, nurturing  the spirit of participants  to encourage a fearless quest for knowledge. 

Every program is unique. Individualized approaches will ensure each staff member will reach their full potential to implement anti-bias and anti-racist practices. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that will enhance your overall program.  That's what we deliver to you.

Racial Equity Workshops:

Equity Audits

Keynote addresses

Coaching for equity

The mission of the Center for Equity & Excellence is to create inclusive environments and to ensure equity and social justice at all levels of society.  

We aim to change the hearts and practices of the workforce to enhance child, family, and community outcomes, especially of those working with communities of color and other marginalized groups. 

Our trainers and consultants know and understand the challenges professionals face today. They have been in your shoes. They are Directors, Government Officials, Therapists, Professors, Researchers, and Administrators.  they has first hand knowledge of running a high quality, inclusive organization that serves and welcomes all.